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16th to 18th November 2018

This year we will commemorate the 400th anniversary of the successful siege of Pilsen by an army under command of general Peter Ernst Mansfeld in 1618 when after more than two months Mansfeld‘s troops finally stormed the walls in Dřevěná street and entered the city.
Pilsen surrendered and had to pay an enormous ransom.
Anniversary of this important event of our history will be commemorated by its reenactment in the city’s historical centre.
Several performances will take place in „Proluka“ in Křížíkovy sady, visitors can watch conquest of Dřevěná street, capitulation in the town square and a battle on the bank of river Radbuza, that will take place on Sunday.

Details in Program                 Original map from Marek Marovič  Originální mapa

Entry fee

Standing FREE
Tribune in Křižíkovy sady With Mansfeld’s card

Mansfeld’s card is available in Proluka in Křižíkovy sady during the event or you can book it in advance website Plzeňská vstupenka


Parking lot Na Rychtářce, under the Millennium bridge (Most Milénia)




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